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I mainly taught courses related to Islamic banking and finance, investment, business, economics, and management. 


Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students

Adult learners

  1. Principles of Management

  2. Introduction to Business

  3. Principles of Economics

  4. Introduction to Finance

  5. Business Mathematics

  6. Principles of Marketing

  7. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

  1. Business Mathematics using Excel

  2. Introductory  Microeconomics

  3. Principles of Macroeconomics

  4. Introductory Accounting

  5. Principles of Microeconomics

  6. Business Mathematics

  7. Management Accounting I

  8. Fundamental of Shariah for Islamic Finance

  9. Investment Portfolio Management

  1. Financial Management and Corporate Governance

  2. Takaful and Retakaful

  3. Islamic Financial System

  4. Islamic Banking Products and Services

  5. Islamic Marketing

  6. Business Research

  7. Doctoral Seminar in Exploring Opportunities for Social Responsibility and Sustainability

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